Saturday, September 30, 2006

falling in

Fall is in the crisp, clean air, the rising colors, the shorter days, the cooler nights, the urge to stock up and squirrel away. I've been very busy filling the pantry. My garden and friends have been generous. The firewood has been delivered; it waits to be stacked. It's a delightful, secure feeling to approach winter with food and wood aplenty. My mind whirls with plans of winter projects while my hands work on auto-pilot. I'm experiencing a renewel of artistic vision. My drawings are consistently good lately. I've begun a new series of painted silk garments. I'm inspired and happy to be working in art after a hiatus filled with puppy care. I've been polishing up Grace's training, I've neglected her but she's responding well to my attentions. The last puppy goes home this week, one less to care for. I've been walking the dogs on leashes since seeing coyotes. Haven't heard from them lately but the walking is good for me and so delightful in this fall landscape. Sunrise and sunsets spextacular, a perfect excuse to go outside to see all the sky.


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