Sunday, July 02, 2006


Puppies, we have puppies; they are seriously cute and huge. I think Rosie, the mother, herself a big dog, is trying for super-sized dogs. They were born big and continue growing at a fast clip. All nine are perfect, beautiful active pups. There are 5 black ones, (all female) and 4 cream ones, (one female and three males).

After years of being on the road a lot, doing shows, it's a real change to be tied to home for long periods of time in order to care for the dogs. It's a welcome, delightful change. It feels good to be so grounded; cleaning and feeding reminds me of when my children were little and taking care of basics was a major focus. The puppies inspire long moments of simply appreciating life. They love to be snuggled, they sniff and lick and investigate all they can.

At four weeks, they seem to have all the skills they'll need. They play and fight and bark, but mostly they eat and sleep. Every day they spend more time awake and aware and require me to keep one step ahead of them.