Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ok, so it's been over a year....

since my last post and I've plenty of don't want to hear them? To catch up a bit...

In August of 2007 I had a head on crash that totaled my car and effectively ended my driving career. My license was up for renewal in December and I knew I would not be able to pass any eye exam or find a doctor why would say I could see well enough to drive. Frankly, it was a relief to give up driving. It had been extremely stressful with my poor sight.

So, I've copped to being a blind person after so many years of trying to pass for sighted. Well of course I have some sight but it is genuinely lousy. Like while I have perfectly fine light and dark reception, color differentiation and peripheral vision, I have almost no depth perception. A real hazard in driving. I'm so glad I never injured myself or anyone else. I was a super careful driver and it took enormous amounts of concentration and attention, very nerve wrecking.

I've depended on friends for rides since. I live in the country where there is no, NO, public transportation, not so much as a car to hire. So far OK, my needs are being met. It is a stress of another kind.

On a lighter note, I found that I could collect disability and while it is very little money it's surprising how little money one needs when one rarely leaves home.

I quit my job. I told people it was because I had too many hobbies to hold down a job. That was only partly in jest. I found I could live on disability and using my rides to go to work...well I had better uses for rides. After working for myself for so many years, working for others was difficult.

And the hobbies...The gardens are flourishing. The dogs have had more attention, training and grooming. The house looks better. I read some books, played some music, did some art, put up food for winter. I experimented with having a house mate...enough there for another post. Life is sweet here. The weather has been delightful. I do sometimes long for travel but I've tied myself down with dogs. I hope to find a way to have it all, if not all at once.