Thursday, October 30, 2008

another animal sighting

This summer I saw the largest snake I've seen outside of captivity. One hot August day, I was walking from my garden to my back door, slightly uphill, when a flash of moving blue/black caught my eye. About ten feet in front of me was a LARGE Bull snake sliding across the grass of the lawn. I watched it pass in awe of it's size, maybe nine feet, it's beautiful shiny deep color, it's fluid motion. It stopped, stretched out in a long squiggle, and when it lifted it's head to look around, the head was about 18 inches off the ground. It moved toward my open kitchen window which is close to the ground on the outside. A snake had come in that window a few summers ago. I ran inside and closed the window. The snake stopped again under a tree near the house. Wanting it to move out of my yard, I started talking to it, tossing little pebbles near it. After a few minutes, the snake slowly moved off. I walked behind it, talking to it. I was saying how much I admired it's great beauty and how fortunate I felt to have seen it but that I really would prefer that it not live in or very close to my house, thanks. I've not seen it before or since but I have seen several snakes this summer, mostly in the garden.