Tuesday, October 03, 2006

big conflama

At ten am this morning I was outside when it happened. I had tied up Grace because in her rebellious teenager dog stage she is not reliably staying home or coming when called. The older dog, Rosie, and the puppy, Jeter, were loose but hanging close by. I was stacking wood in the yard. I'd just commented to someone on the phone that I'd not heard or seen coyote's for a few days. All of a sudden there came from the next ridge to the west, much yipping and yelping and barking and snarling and howling and, goodness gracious, I don't know what. My dogs were quiet, listening, alert. I hustled them into the house, they were only too happy to go. Once they were inside, safely behind closed doors, they set to barking. The commotion on the next ridge continued for about a minute, then silence, nothing more to be heard. I've heard deer scream and rabbits scream as they are taken down and killed. This was not that sound. If I had to guess I'd say it was dogs and coyotes. I wonder if any nieghborhood dogs have gone missing. I have no confirmation of any of this, it's only what I heard. I don't know if anyone else was around this morning when it happened. I'll keep an ear to the local news. I hear talk of people wanting to trap coyotes; I'm not sure that's such a good solution. I think the coyotes have the right to live here. Those traps get dogs too. I wish I had a good answer. I feel it's my responsibility to protect my pets by keeping them close. I feel some responsibility to the coyotes also. big conflama...


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