Monday, September 22, 2008

Bear Sighting

I think I saw a bear. I saw something, with my poor vision, and I'm pretty sure it was a bear.

I was in the yard, beautiful sunny day. I had two dogs on tie-outs and Rosie, the alpha dog, loose. The dogs sounded a quick "There's something!" bark. I looked in the direction they were looking to the west, open field. Rosie, quick, was by my side in her guard stance and completely quiet. I saw a large, dark, rectangular bear? run across the far field in front of me from west to east It was moving fast and I didn't have time to go to the house for binoculars. I know it was too big for a dog, no long legs like a horse or deer, very dark color, moving like I've seen bears move. The dogs were very attentive and very quiet. They don't bark at things they don't want to mess with. So yes, I'm pretty sure that was a bear.

There have been many bear and other wildlife sightings this year. I can only assume it's because their habitat is being taken over by people. This bear was moving so fast I wonder if it was upset about something, dogs, people, vehicles? I now see three houses where there were none a couple of years ago. Where's a bear to go? I felt very blessed to see it. I do love livin' in the boonies, no joke.


Blogger Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Everyone's seeing bears lately. You should take a look at CountryDew's blog--Blue Country Magic. The link is on my blog. She just got some fantastic shots of a bear running across her field! And sadly, a bear killed my neighbor's dog. They stumbled upon him while walking in the woods and the bear swiped at the dog who was old and half blind and deaf and he ended up being put to sleep.

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